Monday, November 17, 2008

25. Why Bother Asking?

I just can't believe this track. Tammy on vocals and harmonica. Michael on guitar. Me on sticks. It seems so complete. Yet completely improvised.

In the song, Tammy asks "Why bother asking? Don't you know? You know nothing." I really like that. Just came out of Tammy's mouth.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

26. Jump Ship

There are 26 audio tracks on the Edirol R-09. Twenty-six different pictures made out of sound. It's just the three of us at the end. Jonny, Ron, Kristal, Radish, Joe and even Jay is gone. Just me, Tammy and Michael left. The Wrap Party begins to wrap itself up. It's about 4:30AM. We keep jamming. One last song. Yeah.

Call it Jump Ship. Start at the end. Start with the last jam on the audio recorder. Upload them to this blog one by one in reverse. I'll stop when I reach number 1. It has to end when I reach the very beginning.